5G Beamforming details in both in C-band and Mmwave

5G Beamforming course

Publisher : Mohamed IDRISSI

Price : 100% FREE 

Course Language : English


  • 5G and 4G fundamentals


Goal is to understand 5G Beamforming from technical point of view, understand main diffeerence between Beamforming, beam-management for C-Band and Mmwave, and radio features of 26 Ghz from different vendors

He will go through below modules:

  • 5G Beamforming principles with focus on 3D Beamforming and Multi-user Mimo
  • Beamforming Types (Digital, analog, and hybrid) and difference in 3.5Ghz and mmwave
  • beam management procedure with focus on ss burst ss blocks and ss beams
  • Focus on 26 Ghz from different vendors

Who this course is for:

  • Technical RF Engineers Technical managers '4G and 5G experts

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