Beginner to Advanced Course in Search Engine Optimization

Become an expert in SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Publisher : Tariq SP

Price : 100% FREE 

Course Language : English


  • Students need to be aware of what is SEO
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • A WordPress website


    SEO is not a complicated subject by any means. And through this course, I try to explain the concepts of SEO in a very easy to understand manner.

    From understanding the basics on SEO, to Keyword Research and Planning, I then explain the various On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO factors to consider while developing your website and in order to rank of search engines.

    Follow the various steps mentioned in this course and I am sure you will see results.

    Who this course is for:

    • Web masters
    • Bloggers
    • Business owners
    • Online Marketers
    • Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts
    • Designers and Developers who wants to design / develop search engine optimized website
    • Website owners, who want to get to rank #1 in Google with SEO



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