The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Python3 (AI too)

Build Games like 8 Pool Ball, Chain Reaction, Balloon Shooter, Space Shooter, Racing Car, Angry Bird, Tetris and many!

Publisher : Sachin Kafle

Price : 100% FREE 

Course Language : English


  • Any machine with OS (Windows, MacOSX, and Linux)
  • No programming background is essential (if there is, it will be useful)
  • Fair internet connection is required to install some softwares and python libraries
  • No prior knowledge of Python is required


      Have you ever wanted to build a game with a graphical interface but didn't know how to? Maybe you even know how to create tools on a command line but have no idea how to convert it into a graphical interface that people can click on. In this course, we will be learning Python GUI Programming + Turtle + other advanced python modules to build graphical user interfaces (GUI) and games from scratch.

      Game projects covered:

      1. 8 Pool Ball

      2. Balloon Shooter

      3. Chain Reaction

      4. Space Shooter

      5. Car Racing

      6. Angry Bird and many more.

      Basic Python course Highlights:

      1. Installing Python
      2. Running Python Code
      3. Strings
      4. Lists
      5. Dictionaries
      6. Tuples
      7. Sets
      8. Number Data Types
      9. Print Formatting
      10. Functions
      11. Scope
      12. args/ kwargs
      13. Built-in Functions
      14. Debugging and Error Handling
      15. Modules
      16. External Modules
      17. Object-Oriented Programming
      18. Inheritance
      19. Polymorphism
      20. Encapsulation
      21. Advanced Methods
      22. Iterators
      23. Closures
      24. and much more!

      Who this course is for:

      • Students who want to learn python by developing modern day games like 8 Pool Ball, Chain Reaction, Angry Bird and so on



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