Git and GitHub For Beginners

Learn Git and Github From Scratch

Publisher : Yaswanth Sai Palaghat

Price : 100% FREE 

Course Language : English


  • No Pre-Requisites


Learn Git and Github from Scratch in this course which covers:

  • Version Control: What is Version Control and Why do we need Version Control?
  • Github: Github Interface Tour and Creating Repositories in Github
  • GIT commands: Various Git Commands that are used to track and manages the source code changes such as
    • Connecting Remote Repository
    • Add
    • Commit
    • Pull
    • Push
    • Pull Request
    • Merge
    • Clone
  • Branching in Git
  • Pushing Projects to Github through Git

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are curious about mastering Git and Github


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