Digital Transformation and Business Technologies Emergence

Digital Transformation Evolution: Business Process Transformation, e-Business Models, IT tools, Digitization, Agile PM

Publisher: Michael Amelin 
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Last Update: Jun 2021 

What you'll learn

Study Internet Entrepreneurial Activity Evolution Master Differences Between Traditional and Digitized Organizations Analyse Business Processes Digitization Possibilities Understand Functions of Entrepreneurial Activity Grasp Essentials of IT Business Transformation Look at Emergence of New e-Business Technologies Learn Concept of a Digital Business Model


After enrolling in this course, you'll receive the knowledge that the best digital transformation consultants/analysts use to create a prosperous digital evolution: from understanding digital transformation to what drives digital transformations fortune, from digital transformation plans to transformation technologies, from IT design thinking to digital transformation trends, from digital transformation opportunities to outstanding case studies. In particular, the following Digital Transformation topics will be covered: Traditional and Digitized Organizations; Business Processes Digitization; Functions of Entrepreneurial Activity; Traditional Business Operations Transition to Digitization; IT Business Transformation Essentials; Digital Business Technology Emergence; Digital Business Model Concept IT Industry Overview. Agile IT Project Management To achieve goals in the modern world, we should be courageous, curious, and have a solid grasp on digital transformation topics. You can achieve more in your life if you confidently master digital transformation cases. Obviously, you should start from the basics to build your deep knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial digital transformation. Well, that's where I can serve you. You'll get up-to-date, efficient, and justified digital transformation techniques and knowledge from a digital practitioner. These skills and knowledge can help you land a job in the digital transformation domain. It can help you grow your ongoing knowledge of the digital sphere. Students aren't required to know everything beforehand. All you need is devotion and an analytical mind. I'll teach you the essentials and how to apply them and help you master digital transformation. This course will be your guide in this way.


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