Learn Guitar: The Complete Beginners Guide

A creative & easy to follow guitar course for every beginner. Suitable for acoustic & electric. No experience necessary.

Publisher: Marc Barnacle 
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Course Language: English 
Content: 2.5 hours long 
Last Update: Jul 2021 

What you'll learn

Guitar Anatomy Guitar Tuning How to read chord boxes and tab Guitar stretching and warm up exercises Guitar Chords Guitar strumming patterns and rhythm Diverse collection of well known guitar riffs and songs Guitar Scales Songwriting Lead guitar improvisation How to restring a guitar Introduction to music theory Guitar technique


This course caters for the complete beginner and is suitable for both electric and acoustic guitar. No experience is necessary. Each class will provide you with everything you require to quickly get you confident and creative with the guitar. We will gradually progress to providing you with a wide range of chords, introduce scales, learn some great songs and riffs - and also focus on encouraging you to write your own music. There are lots of PDF’s attached, that contain detailed information on chord boxes, tab, string names, scales - plus, the full tab of the songs/riffs we discuss, and some extra ones for you to experiment and challenge yourself with. The course is broken up in to an easy to follow guide: SECTION 1 - GETTING STARTED Anatomy and Tuning: A simple start that will cover all the essential parts of the instrument. We will also learn how to effectively tune our guitar, while developing a few tips and tricks to make this process a bit easier. Chord Boxes and Tab: These can look confusing at first! But this short section and accompanying visuals will make everything a lot easier to understand. SECTION 2 - EXERCISES, RIFFS AND CHORDS Picking Exercises and First Riffs: The proper playing starts! Some great exercises to get you up and running, and some cool pieces of music to learn! These will act as a great foundation for your guitar technique. Introduction To Chords: Some essential chords to prepare you for the songs we will be learning. SECTION 3 - STRUMMING PATTERNS, SONGS AND FURTHER CHORDS Strumming Patterns, Timing and Rhythm: These are all very important things that will develop your overall playing ability and provide you with the basic understanding of how music is constructed. Songs: 2 songs from 2 different eras, that use exactly the same chords. A great demonstration of how just 4 chords can open you up to a vast amount of playing options. More Major and Minor Chords: Another 5 chords to really expand your abilities. SECTION 4 - GUITAR SCALES These are highly valuable! We will scratch the surface of what can be a very in-depth area and then utilise this initial knowledge to compose a piece of music. SECTION 5 - WRITE YOUR OWN MUSIC A section I love! You will combine all of the above and use this to create your own chord progression, and lead guitar parts. I also demonstrate some lead ideas, and then provide a backing track that you can play along to, jam over and generally get creative with! SECTION 6 - EXTRA RIFFS Two more riffs from two different genres, that will expand your skillset even further! SECTION 7 - HOW TO RESTRING YOUR GUITAR Some handy knowledge to have, that I don’t think gets covered enough when first learning guitar. SECTION 8 - CONCLUSION AND FINAL THOUGHTS A recap of everything we have worked on, with some extra final thoughts to send you forward and leave you feeling confident in your ability. By the end of this course, you will have developed a great standard of playing, will be well versed in a variety of guitar knowledge, and will have all the tools you need to take your guitar playing and creativity to the next level. Good luck!


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