Let's talk about...Global Economics

Global Economics - for all. (Comes with booklet)

Publisher: Chris Bankes Sivewright 
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Course Language: English 
Content: 1.5 hours long 
Last Update: Sep 2021 

What you'll learn

An overview of global events for a particular month Through discussion, an update on global events Practical application of Economics through looking at global events An understanding of the economic role of their own country


This - initially - is a short course. Only the month of August is covered. The course will be added to during the coming year and thus provide a 'rolling Economics discussion'. Discussion IS the key. 'Let's talk about Economics' is exactly that - a course made up of: Educational Announcements Lectures as up to date as possible A booklet accompanying each month with data response questions in AND all the links (thus saving you time!) The Q/A section The Q/A section is where the discussions take place - discussions where the lectures are merely the starting point. This is an Economics course for those who wish to: Learn more about Economics in general Learn through discussion Learn about the economies of other countries and the possible impact on your own country Each month - at the end - there will be new lectures; a new booklet; new discussions. Whenever you join the course you will be able to look back at the Q/A and see how economies have progressed, how the effects of economic policies have been felt elsewhere. As the course includes a booklet for each month, you will be able to build a collection of 'monthly global economics' supplemented by YOUR input - and the input of others. Let's talk about Economics - together.


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