Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1). I am late to avail 100% Off Coupon and Enroll for a Course, and now the Course is Not Free anymore. What should I do now?

There are two types of Coupons;
  • One which is valid for a limited time. (Maximum 3 days)
  • The other one in which the coupon is in a limited number.
You should enroll as soon as possible if you need that course. It's advisable not to use coupons for the courses which you don't need. It may help others.

Note: We share only those coupons which the Course Authors/Creators have made available. So, keep visiting the UdemyFreeCoup website regularly to avoid missing any coupons. alert-info

Q2). What is Udemy Coupon?

Udemy coupon is a discount code that can be used to courses for 100% free, which implies you will get enrolled in the premium or paid courses without paying for it.

Q3). How to enroll in those courses?

  • Sign up on Udemy (It's free).
  • Click the coupon link (Open Button) from our website.
  • And click, Enroll button or Add to cart.
  • If you Click Enroll, It will be added on your Course list, and you can access all the courses.
  • If adding to cart you'll be charged 0 (Zero) and no Credit/Debit card details will be asked, after checking out it will be added on your Course list.

Q4). Why are the Udemy Courses free?

Coupons are shared by Udemy instructors to encourage students to enroll in their newly launched courses for free. Instead, they expect honest and positive reviews, which can help other Udemy students understand whether the course is high quality, useful, or it is of low quality.

Q5). How many courses can I enroll on my one profile?

As of now, there is no limit on Udemy courses, and you can enroll as much you want.

Remember: Coupons are valid for some Limited Number of Enrollments or Limited Interval of Time. So, enroll for the courses as soon as possible, before the coupons expire. alert-info